White House pulls ads encouraging people to enroll for ACA health insurance

January 26, 2017 | By | Reply More

The political news website Politico reports that the Trump administration has pulled the plug on all Obamacare outreach and advertising in the crucial final days of the 2017 enrollment season.

Even ads that had already been placed and paid for have been pulled, sources within the Department of Health and Humans Services told the website.

Enrollees who sign up during this time tend to be younger, healthier individuals and families whose participation helps reduce premium prices.

Below is the ad that is being blocked because of the White House’s order:

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/odfd5qf9oiQ” align=”center” description=”Ad for Affordable Care Act pulled by the Trump administration” maxwidth=”770″/]

The final 2017 enrollment deadline is January 31st. Most people who sign up for health insurance on HealthCare.gov qualify for financial help and can find low premium plans for $50-$100 per month. To enroll go to: http://go.hc.gov/2frofrL

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