Allen Institute’s web portal allows you to explore stem cells in 3-D online

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The Allen Institute for Cell Science today launched a website were anyone can explore the 3-D structure of human stem cells online.

The site, called the Allen Cell Explorer, will provide scientists a new way to study how diverse human stem cells are structured and organized, which should provide insight into what makes human cells healthy and what goes wrong in disease.

“Cells are incredibly complex, with thousands of moving and interacting parts that work together to drive and regulate both cell architecture and behavior,” says Rick Horwitz, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Allen Institute for Cell Science in a statement. “We are beyond excited to launch the Allen Cell Explorer website and to share our cells, incredible image data, predictive models and more with the global scientific community.”

“Taken as a whole, this publicly available portal will enable researchers to ask important new questions about the variability of cells, and how they change as they grow, differentiate and respond to drugs,” says Horwitz. “Working as a community, we can apply and expand on these tools to make leaps forward in the field of cell biology and have great impact on our study of human health and disease.”

To go to the explorer go here.

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