Coronavirus headlines

Coronavirus. Image: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Currently, risk from new coronavirus is low in the region

Even though a local resident has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus infection, the risk of infection from novel coronavirus is low to the general public, including for anyone who was at Sea-Tac International Airport at the same time as this individual.  

Determining the level of risk for a newly emerging virus is complicated, so we asked our health officer, Dr. Jeff Duchin, to explain more about the situation. LHG.

A man diagnosed with Wuhan coronavirus in Snohomish County is being treated by a robot

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 7.40.22 AM.png

The first person diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus in the United States is being treated at Providence Regional Medical Center by a few medical workers and a robot. The robot, equipped with a stethoscope, is helping doctors take the man’s vitals and communicate with him through a large screen. CNN.

Chinese cities cancel New Year celebrations, travel ban widens in effort to stop coronavirus outbreak

Major Chinese cities, including Beijing and quarantine-blocked Wuhan, banned all large gatherings over the coming Lunar New Year festival, the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar, in an expanding effort to contain a rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak.  WashingtonPost.

China building 1,000-bed hospital over the weekend to treat coronavirus

The Chinese city of Wuhan is rapidly building a new 1,000-bed hospital to treat victims of a new coronavirus, mobilizing machinery to get it ready by early next week, state media said. Reuters.

U.S. hospitals and states ready for more cases of novel virus from China

. . . . Hospitals and clinics were adapting their screening protocols to ask about travel to Wuhan, the city where the spread has been centered. State health departments were relaying messages to local providers, alerting them to be on the lookout for the infection’s symptoms. Labs were set to collect patient samples and ship them off for diagnostic testing. Even though this is a new virus, health officials said this was the type of situation they anticipated. STAT.

Drugmakers Rush to Develop Vaccines Against China Virus

Several drugmakers are racing to develop vaccines that could protect against the new respiratory virus originating in China, as fears mount it could spread more widely.  WSJ.

WHO: Novel Coronavirus Not Yet a ‘Global’ Health Emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) decided Thursday against declaring the novel coronavirus outbreak in China an international health emergency, saying it is “too early.” . . . .“Make no mistake, this is … an emergency in China, but has not yet become a global health emergency,” said WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, MBBS, PhD. “It may yet become one.” MedpageToday

Panic and Criticism Spread on Chinese Social Media Over Coronavirus

Chinese citizens are overcoming a lack of reporting on the crisis in the state-run media by sharing their own videos and information about the coronavirus outbreak.  NYT.

Social Media Posts Spread Bogus Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Media posts are spreading a bogus conspiracy theory about the deadly Wuhan virus. The posts falsely claim that the virus has been patented and a vaccine is already available. That’s not true; the patents the posts refer to pertain to different viruses. FactCheck.