New app shows what Medicare covers

From the Office of the Insurance Commissioner

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) launched a new mobile app “What’s covered” that gives Medicare beneficiaries direct access to some of the most-used content on

The new app lets people with Original Medicare, caregivers and others quickly see if Medicare covers a specific medical item or service.

The “What’s covered” app is available for free in both Google Play and the Apple app store.

The new app is one of several eMedicare initiatives CMS launched in 2018 to help modernize Medicare and empower beneficiaries with cost and quality information.

Other eMedicare tools at include:

  • New online interactive webpages that allows people to compare and evaluate coverage and cost options between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • A new online service that lets beneficiaries see how different coverage choices will affect their out-of-pocket costs.
  • New price transparency tools that let beneficiaries compare the national average costs of certain procedures between settings, so they’ll know what they’ll pay for procedures done in a hospital outpatient vs. an ambulatory surgical center.
  • A new web chat option for Medicare Plan Finder.
  • New surveys across so users can continue to provide feedback about what they want.