Coronavirus headlines

2nd Death Near Seattle Adds to Signs Virus Is Spreading in U.S.

Officials see growing indications that the coronavirus has been spreading undetected for weeks. A cluster of cases at one nursing home have made Kirkland, Wash., a focus of concern. NYT.

Two more new COVID-19 cases in King County

With these two new results, the total number of cases in King County is six. This number is expected to rise as more people are tested and results confirmed. LHG.

Third Case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Snohomish County

 The new case is a male in his 40s, hospitalized at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland. The man is in critical condition. 

Coronavirus may have spread undetected for weeks in Washington state

The coronavirus has been circulating undetected and has possibly infected scores of people over the past six weeks in Washington state, according to a genetic analysis of virus samples that has sobering implications for the entire country amid heightening anxiety about the likely spread of the disease. WashingtonPost.

Coronavirus: Washington state nursing home placed on lockdown

A nursing home in Washington state was placed on lockdown after a resident and a staff member tested positive for the coronavirus and more than 50 others showed respiratory symptoms, according to state health officials. Guardian.

Latest on the spread of coronavirus around the world

The rapid spread of the new coronavirus has increased fears of a pandemic, sending global markets into a dive and prompting governments to step up control measures.  Reuters.

Anxiety mounts among U.S. health workers on the front lines of coronavirus outbreak

Doctors and nurses say they are alarmed by reports that multiple health workers in the United States have been sickened by a deadly coronavirus and that hospitals and other healthcare facilities appear to have become hot spots for the spread of infections. LATimes.

Hospitals, nurses ask Congress for funding to fight coronavirus

The American Hospital Association and American Nurses Association on Thursday asked leaders in Congress to appropriate $1 billion in new funds to help hospitals and healthcare workers fight the COVID-19 outbreak. ModernHealthcare.

Officials still don’t want to call the coronavirus a pandemic. But experts say that’s what it is.  Newsweek 

How is the coronavirus outbreak going to end? Here’s how similar epidemics played out.

Ultimately, how many people die of this new coronavirus depends on how widely it spreads, how prepared we are and what the virus’ true fatality rate turns out to be. WashingtonPost.

China says strict control measures must be maintained despite positive trend outside Hubei

Control of China’s coronavirus outbreak remains at crucial stage despite a positive trend in areas outside Hubei province and strict prevention and control measures must be maintained, according to a meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang. Reuters.

Gatherings banned, travel restricted as coronavirus cases grow worldwide

Leaders in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas rolled out bans on big gatherings and stricter travel restrictions as cases of the new coronavirus spread around the world. Reuters.

FDA to Allow Labs to Begin Use of High-Complexity Tests for Coronavirus

The Food and Drug Administration will permit between 300 and 400 academic medical centers and a few large community hospitals to begin testing people for the coronavirus before federal regulators have completed a review of their Emergency Use Authorization requests, allowing the United States to significantly ramp up testing immediately. The change in policy will help the government better understand the magnitude of the infection.WSJ.

Coronavirus rumors and chaos in Alabama point to big problems as U.S. seeks to contain virus

What happened [in Alabama] over the past week illustrates how poor planning by federal health officials and a rumor mill fueled by social media, polarized politics and a lack of clear communication can undermine public confidence in the response to the novel coronavirus, which causes the disease named covid-19.WashingtonPost.

Kept at the Hospital on Coronavirus Fears, Now Facing Large Medical Bills

Care was mandated by the government, but it’s not clear who has to pay.  NYT.

Gig workers face the spread of the new coronavirus with no safety net

Drivers for Uber and Lyft and delivery people for Instacart and DoorDash are independent contractors and do not receive sick leave or health-care benefits. WashingtonPost.

Avoiding Coronavirus May Be a Luxury Some Workers Can’t Afford

A sick day? Remote work? Not so easy if your job is at a restaurant, a day care center or a construction site. NYT.

Schumer calls for Medicare to cover coronavirus vaccine that is still in development

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday called for Medicare to cover the coronavirus vaccine, which is still being developed and is at least months away from being widely available. Schumer’s plan is to add a provision into the spending package being negotiated in Congress, which would ensure seniors can be immunized at no cost. Politico.

Health Experts Warn Congress: Don’t Let Politics Delay Coronavirus Money

Public health experts have a warning for Congress: don’t treat emergency coronavirus aid like business as usual.Partisan bickering has often frustrated lawmakers’ attempts to speedily approve emergency spending packages.  STAT.

States Counting On Reimbursements For Coronavirus Response

 State governments are digging deep into their own pockets to prevent an outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease and prepare to address any health crisis that does occur — and they expect to be reimbursed by Uncle Sam.  RollCall.

CDC hasn’t revealed information to doctors that would help coronavirus patients

As new cases of coronavirus arise daily in the United States — including several announced over the weekend and one death — the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has failed to release crucial information physicians say could help save the lives of Americans diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.  CNN.

CDC lab for coronavirus test kits may have been contaminated

A top federal scientist sounded the alarm about what he feared was contamination in an Atlanta lab where the government made test kits for the coronavirus, according to sources familiar with the situation in Atlanta. Axios.

CDC Mistakenly Released Texas Coronavirus Patient Who Later Tested Positive

After the patient was cleared and released, the CDC said a later test showed that the individual had contracted the virus. Newsweek.

How Bad Could It Get? Companies Gauge the Coronavirus Impact

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, the world’s biggest companies have begun painting a bleak picture of broken supply chains, disrupted manufacturing, empty stores and flagging demand for their wares. NYT.

Where Do I Find Your Hand Sanitizer?’ Sorry, We Have None.

As shoppers look for products to help protect against an outbreak, they are increasingly finding empty shelves. NYT.

Coronavirus Tests Limits of Central Bank Firepower

Investors are looking to the Federal Reserve and its peers as markets swoon and infections rise. NYT.

For American Military, Coronavirus Is an Enemy to Be Fought

The military’s first active-duty case, in South Korea, has commanders preparing a battle plan. But steps meant to stave off the virus may also compromise training and readiness. NYT.

Bracing for coronavirus, cash-strapped rural hospitals buy masks from hardware stores

Routine care and elective surgeries — such as knee replacements and gallbladder removal — could be scaled back if the coronavirus spawns a pandemic, hospital executives are warning, delivering economic shocks to the hospital system beyond the immediate challenges of protecting health-care workers and dealing with those stricken with the virus. WashingtonPost

Trump is ignoring the lessons of 1918 flu pandemic that killed millions, historian says

Now, as fears about the coronavirus spread, at least one historian is worried the Trump administration is failing to heed the lesson of one of the world’s worst pandemics: Don’t hide the truth.  The Washington Post.

When an Epidemic Looms, Gagging Scientists Is a Terrible Idea

In an epidemic, suppression of bad news costs lives and eventually angers the public. The White House is in danger of repeating the error NYT.

‘Seriously people – STOP BUYING MASKS!’: Surgeon general says they won’t protect from coronavirus

The surgeon general has a message for people who want to run out and stockpile masks to combat the coronavirus – don’t.” USAToday.

Stop Touching Your Face!

It’s a quirk of human nature that we touch our eyes, noses and mouths all day long. It’s also a major way we pick up infections like coronavirus. NYT.