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COVID and your gut: how a healthy microbiome can reduce the severity of infection – and vice versa

With COVID, it appears that the make-up of the gut microbiome can influence the course of disease. Research has shown an association between the microbiome profile and levels of inflammatory markers in patients with COVID, where patients with a poorer combination of gut bacteria show signs of too much inflammation. This suggests the microbiome influences the severity of a COVID infection via effects on the immune response.

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Future Surge in Diabetes Could Dramatically Impact People Under 20 in U.S.

This expected upward trend may lead to as many as 220,000 young people having type 2 diabetes in 2060 —a nearly 700% increaseand the number of young people with type 1 diabetes could increase by as much as 65% in the next 40 years. Even if the rate of new diabetes diagnoses among young people remains the same over the decades, type 2 diabetes diagnoses could increase nearly 70% and type 1 diabetes diagnoses could increase 3% by 2060.

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Weight loss treatments are not a permanent fix – that doesn’t mean they ‘don’t work’

It is often said that 95% of weight-loss measures don’t work. Only, it’s not true. Advances in behavioural treatments (such as cognitive behavioural therapy) for obesity and weight-loss drugs mean there are lots of approaches that help people lose weight. In fact, weight loss is the easy part . The problem is that when you come off a diet or stop taking a weight-loss drug, the weight will invariably creep back up.

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Why snacking could be damaging your health

But these days, people are eating more frequently than they ever have before – and often outside of meal times. New smartphone app data shows that we now have erratic eating patterns. Many of us are continually snacking rather than eating at defined times – which means we spend up to 16 hours a day in a “fed” state.