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Health misinformation is rampant on social media – here’s what it does, why it spreads and what people can do about it

Studies show that health misinformation spread on social media results in fewer people getting vaccinated and can also increase the risk of other health dangers such as disordered eating and unsafe sex practices and sexually transmitted infections. Health misinformation has even bled over into animal health, with a 2023 study finding that 53% of dog owners surveyed in a nationally representative sample report being skeptical of pet vaccines.

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Poll: Many older adults look beyond conventional medicine for help, but few talk to their doctors about it

Nearly 40% of older adults currently use at least one integrative medicine strategy to try to ease symptoms of a physical or mental health issue, or to help them relax, a new poll finds. But only 18% of older adults who currently use, formerly used or are interested in using integrative health strategies have actually talked about it with a health care provider. 

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Ivermectin, blood washing, ozone: how long COVID survivors are being sold the next round of miracle cures

Some individuals or groups are exploiting people’s desperation, using long COVID support networks to attempt to profit from offering treatment plans or alternative therapies such as vitamin supplements and ozone treatment. Some long COVID groups are are still recommended drugs such as the now scientifically discredited COVID treatment ivermectin.